Positively Taking Care” is also an expression of heartfelt gratitude for any support received, as it relies on generous donations to continue its mission of spreading positivity and making a difference in the world.

Thank You

Positively Taking Care LLC, is embarking on an exciting new adventure in Learning ASL with Riley!

Join us on this inspiring journey through “Larning ASL with Riley” TikTok videos, uplifting signing practices, and fingerspelling challenges that will both educate and brighten your day.

For those eager to dive deeper into ASL, consider supporting us by purchasing our ASL Fingerspelling Practice Word Search Book, an educational and enjoyable addition to your language-learning toolkit.

Let’s spread positivity through the universal language of signs—because at Positively Taking Care, we believe a positive mind set is the key to personal well being in every language. Join us on this incredible ASL adventure, and let’s sign our way to a more inclusive world! 🌟🤟🏽

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